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to the 42nd Annual Meeting of the
American Aging Association

Aging: Prevention, Reversal, and Slowing

The 42nd annual American Aging Association meeting will be held in Baltimore, MD on May 31-June 3, 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel, Inner Harbor. The speakers we invited are internationally recognized for their research on the molecular and cellular biology of aging, physiology of aging, genetics of aging, experimental technology development, and healthcare issues. In recent years, a large number of genetic, pharmacological, dietary interventions, and exercise-based interventions have been described that slow-down aging in various systems ranging from unicellular organisms to humans. Therefore, the rationale behind the choice of these topics is the remarkable convergence of the results from the model systems to investigate interventions.

Please visit soon again for updated announcements and preliminary program for this exciting meeting.

LaDora Thompson, Ph.D.
2013 President and Annual Meeting Chair

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